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Code: DSC-S02Diamante Shower Cap - STARS - Hot Pink

Diamante Shower Cap - STARS - Hot Pink
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A heavenly shower cap to adorn your bathroom!

Stars are fascinating things, we often gaze at them, try to remember the names of a few brighter ones, ….oh Im talking about Movie Stars here

Well we are fascinated with stars of all kinds, even the ones on this shower cap can represent heavenly stars or stars of the movie kind.  Whichever one you want it to be is fine by me!  Be a Star singing in the shower with this So Pretty  Shower Cap!

Ah, then there are the stars that we live by, Star Signs…now that is a whole different realm of stars.  Still, fun to stare up into the heavens and try to figure out the location of certain configurations, and read your horoscope for guidance in your life.  If you’re like me, in Australia all we can find is the Saucepan and Southern Cross (if we’re lucky – don’t ask  me for help if we are lost in the outback!)

So this shower cap has a variety of suitors – the Movie Star persona, Galaxy Star lover or a Horoscope follower, how excellent is that! 


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