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Code: DSC-PG01Diamante Shower Cap - PARTY GIRL- Ivory

Diamante Shower Cap - PARTY GIRL- Ivory Diamante Shower Cap - PARTY GIRL- Ivory
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A shower cap design for the Party Girls out there! 

Party Girls are out for a good time, they love to, well…PARTY!    Oh to be young again and dance all night, party all night.  Go for it while you can is all I say, as long as it is fun and no harm done.  Now I have this shower cap you might like…it’s a little bit over the top (like you), but it will keep your hair nice and dry before your big night out, stop the frizzies and keep it straightened since you may have spent ages using that overworked hair straightener earlier in the day!

Actually, my shower cap will be excellent for when you are possibly suffering the next day and just want to relax with a facial mask and cucumber padding on your eyes.  They are great for keeping your beautiful hair  from sticking the the goop on your face.  Even better still, if you are planning a hair conditioning treatment after scorching it to straw like strands with that hair straightener, then my shower cap is excellent for keeping the soggy locks soaking in the treatment conditioner and keeping it warm for more effective absorption.  Yay for the Party Girl shower cap!


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