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Code: DSC - MM02Diamante Shower Cap - MARILYN - Pink

Diamante Shower Cap - MARILYN - Pink
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Marilyn, the name conjures an image that is instantly recognisable.  She was sexy and flirtatious, just like this shower cap can be if worn with the right attitude!

Perhaps her short and tragic life was an indication of what was to eventuate in the years to follow and these days, with paparazzi following her every move. Gossip, affairs and failed marriages almost the norm when you are in the public eye.  Nothing has changed really, in fact it is far worse with the blink of an eye speed in which information is processed, perhaps a few lessons could be learned but will anyone listen?  Everybody no matter who you are, needs their privacy.   Facebook, Twitter, Instagrams…imagine if they had been around back in the day?   Only time will tell if the “popular” faces of today will still be remembered as much as icons such as Marilyn are. 

 RIP Marilyn,, I think you would have loved this shower cap.  Can so imagine you wearing it, wrapped in a robe and stepping out of a spa!


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