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Diamante Shower Cap - Bad Girl - Red

Diamante Shower Cap - Bad Girl - Red


The So Pretty  Bad Girl Red Diamante shower cap is constructed using a high quality fabric with a fine textured finish giving a leather look.  The colour is a deeper shade of red, even closer to being  Burgundy (which is isn't)!.  This is a So Pretty shower cap that would be a wonderful gift idea for a special occasion, be it Valentines Day, Birthday or Christmas   (this is a hint for guys especially for a sexy gift idea!).  

Bad Girls, Sexy Devil Girls,  Cheeky Girls, it takes all types and they can all do with a shower cap that is fun as well as practical!  Black and Red are often used for Devilishly sexy themes, and this So Pretty Diamante shower cap is symbolic of this. 

So what makes a Bad Girl bad?   All in the eyes of the beholder really, one can be naughty but nice.  Being a sexy devil is raunchy but fun and cheeky at the same time. And you can look sexy in this shower cap don't you think?  Throw that dreary plastic disposable shower cap away right now!

 Single girls might want to be careful where they leave this shower cap hanging around as both Mum and/or the new boyfriend may get the wrong impression!  It is only a bit of fun right?  Go on, dare you to be a Bad Girl in a cute way!

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