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Crystallina Lilac

Crystallina Lilac


So Pretty Crystallina Lilac is one of those colours that could pass as Lilac or Pink, depends on how you look at it perhaps!  One of three colour options available, the others being pastel Blue and pastel Lime.  This fabric is decorated with small crystal like chips that create added sparkle for something different!  (Not different for So Pretty of course,  sparkle and glamour  is loved very much here!)

So Pretty sources many high end fabrics for the extensive range that is offered. You wont encounter boring (and cheap) cotton prints on this website!  Fabrics that are fun or have added sparkle in whatever form are wonderful to use to make shower caps that are a point of difference and are proudly adorning bathrooms around the world!  Still they have to be practical enough to bounce right back after being used over and over again.

The So Pretty Crystallina Lilac is trimmed with a Satin Organza ribbon bow centred with a perfectly colour matched flower.  A So Pretty shower cap is hand made with care and attention, and the matching trims make a big difference to the finished product overall.  This is what makes So Pretty shower caps just that little more special and exclusive.  All of the Crystallina range have a smaller Girls size available should this option appeal or suit the ladies and girls in your household (or gifting scenario of course!)

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