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No guessing why this So Pretty Shower Cap is called Confetti! A variety of colourful polka dots in shades of Pink and Lime on a white background. Even the larger than standard Hot Pink satin daisy flower is a perfect match. A fun print that will be a cheerful addition to your bathroom d├ęcor. Not to mention a decent shower cap that is hand crafted quality! Confetti is often associated with weddings, the celebrating that moment of walking out of the church after having just tied the knot and before being whisked away in the bridal car. Probably tossing Confetti about is not quite the done thing these days with people being more environmentally friendly. Many of the older generation will have wedding day photos of their parents and grandparents with a few spots of confetti on their suits and wedding dress. This was the standard wedding photo back in the day, in the bridal car after the church ceremony. Confetti appears at events of laughter, fun, friends and family celebrating a life event. Now Im not saying that you should be wearing this shower cap on your wedding day, but perhaps consider it in your travel pack for the honeymoon? A So Pretty Confetti shower cap could be an ideal alternative to throwing confetti around, and way less messy of course! Actually is the opposite, keeping your hair tidy and frizz free, no mess to deal with…and no confetti stuck in your hair! The only thing that you might like to stick in your hair whilst wearing a So Pretty Shower Cap, are Velcro rollers!


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