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Classic Black

Classic Black


Black is back in this So Pretty shower cap which has simple yet elegant style! Sometimes just a plain yet classy look is the way to go, especially when decisions cannot be made as far as selecting from the extensive So Pretty Shower Caps range! You cannot go wrong with Black or White, they match just about everything. This fabric in particular is perfect for a shower cap. Crisp and light for fast drying time, the Classic Black does not crush hence looks this fabulous all the time! The Classic Black shower cap is embellished with a particularly lovely, larger than standard size satin flower. This flower is centred with a glass bead which finishes off the trim beautifully. I think the flower trim is the winner that makes this Classic Black shower cap more glam and classier! It was mentioned to me many years ago by a fabric supplier that Black and White fabrics are the main colours purchased over everything else in their shop, and it was a massive shop! So this indicates just how popular the plainest of things can be! But plain does not mean dull and boring. As you can see, So Pretty has still turned plain Black into something special! Since Black is such a popular colour for shower caps, So Pretty has quite the range available in Black. Besides this shower cap, the Classic Black comes as an XL Ladies, Mens and Mens XL (mainly used for dreadlocks). There are also many Ladies Shower Cap options using Black as the base colour but with a variety of trim colours and embellishments. Too many to list here, have fun checking them out!

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