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Classic Black - Flower

Classic Black - Flower


Did you know that Black and White are the most popular colours used in Fashion? It makes sense really, a base colour to match everything in the world around us. The So Pretty Classic Black shower cap in the Flower range is simple yet elegant and would add a touch of finesse to your bathroom. The Classic Black Flower is made to the high standard of quality you would expect from So Pretty, who has been creating shower caps since 2002. The Flower range was introduced as there are Ladies who do not like a lot of bling on their shower caps, just a simple and understated look is fine. So the Flower range was established and has been very popular too! This So Pretty Shower Cap has a lovely matching flower in a combination of Black silky fabric and Tulle. The petals have a mix of Dusty Rose and Burgundy shades mixed with Black and a touch of Sage. The shower cap itself is trimmed with Satin edging. Overall a "so pretty" shower cap you would be proud to be seen using if caught in the shower! So Pretty shower caps can also be used to keep your hair up and out of the way whilst applying makeup, or having some pamper time with a facial or face mask that needs to stay on your face for a while. It is easier to still do things around the house then whilst you are wearing your So Pretty shower cap and your tresses are out of the way. Would you answer the door though with a green face but wearing a So Pretty shower cap? This is one of lifes big questions and a dilemma that can confront you, with this perfect timing (not!).


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