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This shower cap is simply gorgeous and so feminine! A shimmery Satin Organza fabric in an Ivory colour embellished with a faux pearl and diamante heart. The So Pretty Charisma shower cap is generous in sizing and comfortably takes in a lot of hair. Stops the frizz happening too, or if you straighten your hair, does protect it. The colour of this fabric is neutral which makes it suitable for most bathroom decors as far as matching with other accessories such as towels for example. Fabrics like the one used in Charisma (as well as the Black Diamond, Chardonnay and StellaLuna designs) are ideal for shower caps as they dry very quickly and are very lightweight. This is an ideal situation for shower caps, particularly if you are travelling or even sharing the shower cap! Packing a wet shower cap in your suitcase isn’t the ideal scenario. They look lovely hanging around during the drying process as well, which is an additional bonus! Even as a shower cap for guests staying over, it would be a lovely hair accessory in the guest’s bathroom that will be sure to have them asking where the beautiful shower cap came from. Responding with the fact that they are handmade, and made in Australia is sure to impress whether you are in ‘Australia or anywhere else in the world. Handmade and made to last, So Pretty Shower Caps are renowned for their quality and longevity. So Pretty Shower Caps are found bathrooms all around the world and is proud of it!


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