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Code: LSC - CVLCarnivale

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What a blast of colour this So Pretty Shower Cap is! If you are a morning shower person, a vibrant hair accessory like the Carnivale will be a bright start to your day. This So Pretty Shower Cap is a gorgeous Satin print of swirling Hot Pink, Orange and Lime and is sure to be a favourite with the flamboyant ladies and teenagers out there. The oversized sequinned flower trim adds some glamour to the finished product as well.
The concept of Carnivale as a description creates an image of colour and fun, along with celebrations and partying. The Carnivale shower cap definitely is colourful, a fun hair accessory to have and to use. Whether you use it to wear at a party is up to you but it would qualify very well for a “crazy hat” party at the very least! Since the main purpose of a shower cap is to keep your hair protected and dry, the applications aren’t just limited to shower time. They have been known to be used during water aerobics classes (note they are not bathing caps as such), keen golfers who play in the rain, outdoor spectator sports (think team colours as a shower cap option!). Whatever you dare to do in public wearing a shower cap really.
No matter what the scenario is, the So Pretty Carnivale shower cap will reliably keep your tresses up and away, protected from the elements. You will be happier and your hair will love you for it!



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