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Black Trax

Black Trax


So Pretty Black Trax shower cap has been around for a long time and is still just as classy and elegant as it was since the first one was created! This shower cap is delightfully sheer, with raised gold dots criss crossing over the fabric like tiny dotted footprints. Embellished with a small sequinned heart on a black satin ribbon bow. Some shower caps by So Pretty just excude elegance and high end style, The Black Trax shower cap is one of those! Fashion and accessories combining Black and Gold creates a sense of expensiveness and glamour. Luckily the Black Trax shower cap by So Pretty is within budget for most ladies looking to own a beautiful quality shower cap. No need to pay exhorbitant prices for something unique and practical here on So Pretty! Prices have barely changed since So Pretty commenced in 2002, so this makes the So Pretty range more affordable, within reach and good value for all. Especially if you are looking for a gift with a point of difference, a So Pretty shower cap covers a lot aspects that people love with finding the perfect gift. Price, value for money, something that is useful, high quality and something that will be accepted with pleasure! It is the best feeling giving a thoughtful gift for any occasion! So Pretty is so happy to be part of that scenario all over the world, gifts for Mothers Day, Christmas, Birthdays and group celebrations/get togethers are all great moments for gifting a shower cap!

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