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Code: SM - STYSleep Mask - Serendipity

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The Serendipity Sleep Mask by So Pretty is rather glamourous, just like the So Pretty Shower Cap that used to match it, was! Alas the fabric is no longer available for shower caps, but there were enough suitable pieces large enough left over from cutting to be able to create a beautiful Sleep Mask with. So here it is!
And a beautiful Sleep Mask it is, you cannot even compare to the el cheapo styles that used to be the only option. With its pleated Satin edging it is sure to be a glamourous accessory you will be happy to be seen using if wearing on a long haul flight! Even for everyday use, the Serendipity Sleep Mask is a lovely accessory to have on hand for those quick cat naps during the day, or unfortunately if you suffer from headaches or migraines, a little spritz of some Lavender Spray on the Sleep Mask may help you relax whilst you have a lay down.
For tired mothers, using a Sleep Mask has its benefits, but it may also be a good way of signalling to your children that it is Mums time out and do not disturb!
If you are looking to create a combination gift, a suitable match for the Serendipity Sleep Mask is the Classic Black So Pretty Shower Cap. Even if you are on a budget, just the Sleep Mask alone will be well received with delight, it is obvious that this accessory is a beautiful and well made product and given with thoughtfulness!


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