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Sleep Mask - Dynasty

Sleep Mask - Dynasty


The So Pretty Dynasty Sleep Mask is a modern look that makes you look “so pretty” whilst obtaining your beauty sleep! Black and White combinations are always popular in the fashion world, so this can include Sleep Masks and other accessories like shower caps as well!

The Dynasty Sleep Mask is made available from offcuts from creating the So Pretty Shower Caps of the same style, not wanting to waste fabric that can be tastefully transformed into something practical. It has the Black pleated satin edging which gives it a more feminine edge than the usual disposable styles!
So for gift purposes, a matching set of a Dynasty Sleep Mask with a Dynasty Ladies Shower Caps is a fabulous idea and sure to be well received. There is even a matching So Pretty Mens design shower cap in this Dynasty design so the Man of the house doesn’t miss out (or if the ruffled edge isnt to her liking).
A So Pretty Sleep Mask is a suitable gift for someone intending to travel, and sure to be useful for those long haul flights, or coach trips. Even just for getting a better nights sleep in a different location! Being such an attractive sleep mask, there is no embarrassment in using it in public within these scenarios. Hopefully you will not be disturbed by people waking you up to ask where you obtained your So Pretty Sleep Mask from! But if you were, who would you dream about being that person who woke you up to ask??

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