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Sleep Mask - Leopard

Sleep Mask - Leopard

The So Pretty Sleep Mask range has several Animal Print options. This Leopard Print Sleep Mask is a soft and velvet style fabric, one of the few fabrics that has not been created into a So Pretty Shower Cap as well! Leopard animal print is very popular and is used in so many aspects of fashion and accessories. Even the colouring of the Leopard spots varies to abstract extremes! So Pretty has another Leopard Print which is called Wild Cat, which is more brown tones to this one. If you love animal prints and they are your style for accessories, then this Leopard Print Sleep Mask could be part of your sleep routine! A Sleep Mask is an accessory that some people cannot live without, whilst others have never used one. Hence if you are a Sleep Mask user, or know someone who is, you are spoilt for choice here at So Pretty! As a gift option they are at a particularly good price point especially since they are hand made. Sleep Masks are actually very tricky to construct and time consuming. Even the type of fabric used can make it challenging! As with all hand made products, if you had to price according to time to create, things would be very expensive indeed! But for So Pretty it is more about passion than the intention to retire a millionaire, in fact prices have barely changed since starting in 2002! Cannot say that about the shipping costs unfortunately!

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