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His N Hers - Wild Cat

His N Hers - Wild Cat


So Pretty Wild Cat leopard print shower caps for Him and Her! This Ladies and Mens shower cap combination is sure to be a popular choice for a HisnHers set of shower caps. Leopard print has been around for decades and never ceases to go out of style. Now So Pretty has added quality shower caps to the list of things you can find in this print. Already popular with the Ladies, the Wild Cat So Pretty Shower Cap is a great way to introduce the man in your life with his own shower cap also in a Wild Cat print. Not only partners, but there may be a son in the house who has long hair and tends to “borrow” mums shower cap much to her annoyance! The “Man Bun” attributed to the modern man needs protecting with a quality So Pretty Mens Shower Cap too!

So if there is a male in your household who could qualify with their long hair or dreadlocks to absolutely need a decent shower cap, this is an ideal opportunity! Choose a HisnHers So Pretty design that appeals to you from the range available, and as a result he receives a matching So Pretty Mens shower cap! With these HisnHers sets, you will save a few dollars compared to purchasing individually.
A matching pair of shower caps for Him and Her is a practical and fun gift idea for a couple. Apart from the usual celebrations of life with Engagements, Weddings, Housewarmings etc, a So Pretty HisnHers set would be a thoughtful and unique gift idea for Christmas giving. So Pretty shower caps are at a good price point for gifting without breaking the budget (especially if you need to post). Plus the fact they are hand made and a quality product made to last is a consideration. Recipients are usually quite impressed when given a So Pretty Shower Cap. Quite often they think they are “too good to use”, but once they do, wonder how they ever went without having such a fabulous, glam and practical hair accessory all their lives!

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