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His N Hers - Classic Black

His N Hers - Classic Black


Here is the opportunity to purchase a pair of So Pretty shower caps and save a few dollars in the process! A Ladies Classic Black shower cap combined with the Mens Classic Black shower cap is a basic colour combination, but one that will be just perfect with its simplicity! Many Men are happy to have plain Black if they are going to use a shower cap, and the So Pretty Ladies shower cap has a lovely large Black Ribbon flower centred with a glass bead which gives it a simple touch of glamour without being too over the top glam!

Some Men may not be used to the concept of having their own shower cap, but So Pretty created a simple design that isnt embarrassing to be seen using, and obviously keeps the hair dry in the process! Particularly these days, many Men have dreadlocks or longer hair where it is more convenient to keep it dry rather than putting up with it becoming wet every time they shower. More Men style their hair as well, and a So Pretty Mens Shower Cap will keep it protected and frizz free.
So here is an opportunity to keep the Ladies happy with a lovely shower cap, and keep their Men from using theirs! A great way to introduce a Man to the idea of having a shower cap of their own, and a quality hand made So Pretty Shower Cap is the ideal solution! They will wonder how they ever used to put up with flimsy excuses for a shower cap, most likely the freebies that come from hotel stays!

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