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Pink Fj

Pink Fj


The So Pretty Pink FJ shower cap already looks like it is wet before you even use it, but this is an illusion! The Foile Jersey fabric has this fabulous wet look and was originally used for costume and dance apparel until So Pretty added another suitable purpose for this material! This shower cap is edged with Silver Lame trim, Silver Organza ribbon and a complimenting Silver Rhinestone satin flower. Overall an elegant and simplistic looking shower cap but would still add that touch of glamour to your bathroom even when not in use. Foile Jersy was one of the original So Pretty Shower Cap fabrics introduced to the range back in 2002 and is still popular now! Almost water proof on its own, Foile Jersey becomes a beautiful and quality shower cap that So Pretty has glowing reputation for. After producing shower caps for so long, So Pretty has turned around the reputation for dowdy shower caps forever. No longer are they thought of as a cheap and disposable product that you pick up as a freebie during a hotel stay. So Pretty shower caps has glamourised and revolutionised this hair accessory many years ago and has changed the attitude to owning a quality shower cap in the meantime. Many Ladies (and Men!) had the mentality that So Pretty Shower caps were expensive, and of course they do look this way if you are comparing to a throwaway piece of plastic, anything would be! So over time Ladies have come to realise that So Pretty Shower Caps are hair accessories of quality, hand made and hence made to last. So it doesn’t take very much to change your way of thinking when you compare something disposable against a handmade product that lasts and looks amazing does it!

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