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  • Revamping the Bathroom
    Tuesday 28 May 2013

    Being in the midst of planning a bathroom renovation, I began to consider the latest trend...

  • Why a So Pretty Shower Cap?
    Monday 16 Jan 2012

    Why not is my thinking.  Shower Caps have been around forever, but alas they often ar...

  • Welcome to my new site.
    Monday 16 Jan 2012

    Welcome to the new look So Pretty Shower Caps site!  It has been a background project...

Welcome to my new site.

Welcome to the new look So Pretty Shower Caps site!  It has been a background project for quite some time and finally it is here.  I hope you love it as much as I do.

Even though my previous website was often receiving complimentary feedback, the need to move on with the times was there.  So as a customer you can enjoy  having access to all the latest technology that online shopping can offer whilst exploring this new website.  Even better still, if you are interrupted and cannot continue with your shopping, you can return at a later time and continue from where you left off. 

Now that is a great option for when you suddenly have that inspiration of "oooh I have just thought of someone who just might like one of these, I can ask them which colour they would like!"   So I wont spoil all the fun by announcing all the bells and whistles you will encounter whilst shopping on So Pretty, go forth and discover I say!  Of course feedback is always welcome and appreciated, thankyou....


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