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Shower Hats

Shower Hats

Shower Caps or Shower Hats?

Whatever you call them, So Pretty Shower Hats provide a fun and practical way to keep your  tresses dry under the shower.  So should I call them So Pretty Shower Hats?  They are still So Pretty, even if you do call them a shower hat.  I have had customers use them as a fun hat to wear in their spa, at the races, or at bridal showers.  Green shower caps can be worn as a shower hat on St Patricks Day, and red shower caps as a shower hat for those Red Hat ladies around town!   They wear them as shower hats, and then have the added bonus of being able to use them at the end of the day in the bathroom!

Shower caps or shower hats, whatever  the initial purpose, you still end up with a quality product that will put a smile on your face every day regardless!

If you have a theme you are interested in having me make up a shower cap shower hat for, by all means contact me and I will do my best to source a fabric for you.

For international customers, prices are in Australian dollars, so enjoy the benefits of an exchange rate in your favour....