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Code: LSC - SBLSymphony in Blue

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  • Symphony in Blue
Symphony in Blue is the name of this So Pretty Shower Cap. It is a collaboration of patterns coming together, mixing and combining to create one big pattern. Somewhat like an orchestra, hope you get my line of reasoning here! (Can be a challenge working out a name for a Shower Cap, especially when So Pretty has so many creations!)
This is a limited edition shower cap by the way, so if you love it, it is better to orchestrate a move and tag it sooner rather than later.
There are all shades of Blue from Aqua to Lilac on this shower cap, with Black featuring throughout as well. A very interesting pattern made up of flowers, scribbles, circles, and what is similar to brush strokes. The Symphony in Blue pattern does have some variation so what you receive may not look exactly like the photo as it depends on the cut of the fabric. But the basic colours are still the same.
This shower cap could be the one of choice for you for a number of reasons. If Blue is a favourite colour then this is an obvious option. This shower cap may match alongside your bathroom décor as well. Else you or someone you know may play an instrument or are the musical type and a Symphony in Blue shower cap is an appropriate selection!
If any or all of these reasons tick a few boxes for you, at the end of the day you will have a limited edition shower cap that is rather special to own or give!



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