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  • Spotlight
The So Pretty Ladies Shower Cap “Spotlight” is definitely a fun design for a shower cap that its main purpose is serious business - keeping your hair dry whilst showering or relaxing in a spa perhaps. This is a bold Satin print that the beholder would have to be a bit of an extrovert to wear, or simply have a fun personality! (A great idea as a gift if you know someone suitable)
I very much doubt there would be much in the bathroom to match this combination of colours, but that’s just me.
Perhaps this design appeals to the attention seeking performer. Could be a friend, work associate (particularly theatre or drama related), or someone in your family! You know, the girl who loves to sing, dance, act, is the general comedian or simply likes to be the centre of attention…they just have to be “in the Spotlight”. So now you can present her own Spotlight shower cap by So Pretty!
As it is covered with multi coloured dots a variety of sizes, advise the recipient that her new shower cap is called “Spotlight”, so she is welcome to continue her act of singing in the shower whilst wearing it! Then she will also come out happy because her hair will be dry and untangled. Sound like a plan? Could work, maybe it wont…guess you will be testing her sense of humour by giving a fun yet practical gift. Hey you may even buy it for yourself, and that’s ok too, this is a fun design for a fun person and will even brighten up your bathroom in the process.



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