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Ritzy Purple

Ritzy Purple


This So Pretty Ritzy Purple shower cap is definitely a fun yet useful hair accessory! Created using Lame (pronounced La May for those unknowledgeable about fabric which is fine!). Apart from being a dazzler of a fabric, it is extremely lightweight and quick drying. Lame is favoured by costume designers for dance or performers because of these properties. This Ritzy Purple shower cap is edged with quality Black Satin trim. Finished off with a gold edged ribbon bow that is centred with a ribbon flower which has a diamante centre. If you are young, or young at heart, then this shower cap just might be the one for you! It covers all the requirements for a quality shower cap which is the most important priority obviously! If you have longer hair towards mid back, then the generous sizing of this So Pretty shower cap will be suitable. If you love Purple, tick #2, If you want a shower cap that is fun tick #3, if you want a shower cap that is handmade, and made to last, tick #4 Can being Made in Australia be eligible for a tick? Then #5 The majority of the So Pretty range is created using a variety of lightweight fabrics like this Lame, mainly for the purpose of being quick drying. The added benefit of these fabrics is that they are cheaper and easier to post as gifts. Whether this is domestic or internationally, So Pretty Shower Caps are an excellent and unique gift idea to send to someone you care about no matter where they are


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