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Black Sequin

Black Sequin


If you love Black, like something different and quirky, as well as desire a bit of glamour in the bathroom, then perhaps this So Pretty Black Sequin shower cap is the hair accessory of choice! Created using American Spangle fabric, this shower cap exudes class and sophistication. In a similar realm to glittery evening attire, black sequins are often the fabric of choice for glitzy gowns at glamour events. Think Hollywood style and the night life! Some Ladies would quote Black as their favourite colour, it matches with just about everything which is a bonus. The "little black dress" is pretty much a staple requirement in a wardrobe collection, so why not a black shower cap with style? So Pretty shower caps generous sizing will comfortably protect your tresses whilst you shower, applying makeup or even cover smaller rollers if you use these. (Getting ready for that big night out see?!) So Pretty Shower Caps can also be used for those times where you want to put a treatment in your hair. he shower cap makes the treatment more effective since it keeps your head warm from the inner plastic lining. (You would need to gently rinse the product of after doing this though!). Even if you are not much of a night time reveller, at least having a sequinned shower cap will add some sparkle to your shower time or whenever you use it. Else relaxing in a warm bath or spa has just become a little more glam too!

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